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GrenzCine Neck

GrenzCine Neck - Skin Vitality Medical Clinic
GrenzCine Neck - Skin Vitality Medical Clinic


GrenzCine Neck™ is a luxuriously rich corrective cream that helps your neck and décolleté fight the signs of aging. It thickens, brightens, and moisturizes your skin for firmer and healthier neck tissue. Contains Polyamine-DAB™ (1,4-Diaminobutane) and stabilized Vitamin C (3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid).

Directions: With fingertips, gently massage into clean, dry skin on the neck, décolleté and jawline every morning and evening before any creams or makeup.

Qty - 40mL



Q: Who is this product for?
A: GrenzCine Neck is specially formulated for aging skin and especially skin exposed to the sun, laser treatments, retinoids, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, microneedling or exfoliants.

Q: What makes this product unique? 
A: The combination of Polyamine-DAB and Vitamin C is unique to Vivier and a patent is pending on this new formulation. Polyamine-DAB is the result of 30 years of clinical research and is clinically proven.

This innovative cream works from the “outside in” and from the “inside out”, leaving skin more luminous and youthful-looking.

Q: What is Polyamine-DAB? 
A: Polyamine-DAB or 1,4-Diaminobutane is a polyamine which is naturally present in our bodies. It is known to play an important role in the aging process of our skin, essentially making our cells and collagen work more efficiently.


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GrenzCine Neck - Skin Vitality Medical Clinic
GrenzCine Neck - Skin Vitality Medical Clinic