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Age-Defying Body Lotion

Vivier Body Lotion Anti-Aging

Age-Defying Body Lotion

Vivier Body Lotion Anti-Aging


This all-in-one body lotion visibly firms and tones the skin while providing absolute hydration. Formulated with Peptides, Antioxidants and Hydration Boosters, it quickly melts into the skin. No need to compromise between an effective body care and a beautiful scent, this formula delivers both.

Directions For New Users: Gently massage into clean, dry skin at least once a day.

Qty - 200 mL / 6.76 fl oz


Q: What does this body lotion smell like?
A: The Age-Defying Body Lotion has a beautiful citrus scent. If you are familiar with our Vitamin C Scrub, it is the same pleasant scent.

Q: Who is this product for?
A: The Age-Defying Body Lotion is ideal for anyone looking for anti-aging benefits and hydration for their body. It is also ideal for use post-procedure thanks to its anti-inflammatory, calming and healing properties.

Q: What other products pair well with the Age-Defying Body Lotion? 
A: The Vivier Vitamin C Scrub and Daily Age-Defying Moisturizer are perfect complements to the Age-Defying Body Lotion. 

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