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Vivier Skin Brightening Cream

Vivier Brightening Cream

Vivier Skin Brightening Cream

Vivier Brightening Cream

The Vivier Brightening Cream is a skin brightener that contains no hydroquinone. Specially formulated to reduce the appearance of aging, it cleanses and smoothes your complexion while at the same time decreasing the of dark spots. 

  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Oil free
  • 55mL/1.83 fl oz

Limit sun exposure during usage by using protective clothing or a sunscreen protective agent to avoid re-darkening of the skin!

An alpha hydroxy acid known to promote cell-turnover, exfoliate and help moisturize skin.

A natural alternative to Hydroquinone known for its skin-lightening and antioxidant properties.

An effective exfoliant that sloughs off dead skin cells to reveal healthy, younger looking skin.

This product is recommended to help maintain results from a pigmentation protocol such as a skin care regime with Hydroquinone or following lasers or chemical peels.

Yes, this product may be used long-term as maintenance.

This product may be applied to the face, neck, chest and on the back of the hands. Avoid contact with eyes and eyelids.

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