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Viviscal® Professional Supplements

Viviscal® Professional Hair Nourishment System is a 30 day, high performance supplement which helps to nourish thinning hair and promote healthy hair growth in all hair types. It is the secret to thicker, fuller, more beautiful hair, and is scientifically formulated food supplement which helps to maintain normal, healthy hair growth and is super enriched with essential ingredients for optimal hair health.

Exclusively formulated with the Marine Protein Complex AminoMarC, Viviscal® Professional Hair Nourishment System - Professional Strength Pack has been tried and tested by leading stylists and hair experts and is scientifically proven to reduce hair loss and noticeably enhance the thickness of the hair. Apple Extract increases the hairs density and offers Antioxidant protection whilst Vitamin B7 helps the body to absorb Amino Acids which are the building blocks of protein, an essential nutrient for the growth of healthy hair. Combining Biotin with Apple Extract, Viviscal® Professional Hair Nourishment System - Professional Strength Pack helps to fortify the hair from within.

Recommended and used by A-list celebrities, celebrity hair stylists, trichologists and dermatologists worldwide, Viviscal® Professional Hair Nourishment System - Professional Strength Pack is suitable for all hair types and utilises Fish Proteins, Horsetail Extract and Vitamin C which work harmoniously to make the hair looking shinier and thicker and more resistant to breakage. Did you know? Viviscal Professional Hair Growth Programme Professional Strength is Reese Witherspoon's favourite choice for keeping her hair healthy during the rigorous on-set styling and photo shoots.

Contains: 60 tablets

This package is enough for a 1 month supply for individuals weighing in at less than 175lbs. The recommended purchase is at least 3 to 6 months for the most optimal results.